Olah Data Matematika dan Statistik Sebagai Penunjang Kewirausahaan

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Etika Sabariah
Corresponding Author:
Etika Sabariah | etika.esb@bsi.ac.id

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Etika Sabariah


Like to known , businessman increase growth up  always every time. Because high cost living, depreciation value money, there are opportunity, high competitor at world working make the people choice become businessman. Like to known think obout strategic is  must to do. On business, activity always influence  by environmental until need manajemen and technology application and rich knowledgement economic science, manajemen strategic and another supporter factor. So to support strategic business, businessman need training about data manner with using mathematic and statistic to help make decisition. So actor from academic very help them, with training that is giving as shape tri duty 

Keyword: Growth up businessman, strategic, data manner, training, actor academic, tri duty

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