SinkrOn Publish Announcement



E- ISSN: 2541-2019 

P-ISSN: 2541-044X

DOI Prefix: 10.33395

SinkrOn (Jurnal & Penelitian Teknik Informatika) is an open-access journal published twice a year (April and October) in English, providing scientists and engineers worldwide for the exchange and dissemination of papers oriented to theories and practices related to advances in intelligent informatics. All papers are screened by two international reviewers, accepted papers will be available online (free access). Synchronous articles will be available online at Google Scholar.

SinkrOn (Jurnal & Penelitian Teknik Informatika) was published with online and print versions. The subjects covered by SinkrOn include artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, computational statistics, database, data mining, hardware systems, digital image processing, internet computing, networking, scientific computing, etc.