Implementation of Sobel Method Based Edge Detection for Flower Image Segmentation

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Asmaidi Asmaidi Darma Setiawan Putra Muharratul Mina Risky Fitria Ulfa R
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Asmaidi Asmaidi |

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Asmaidi Asmaidi, Darma Setiawan Putra, Muharratul Mina Risky, Fitria Ulfa R


Edge detection is the first step to cover information in the image. The edges characterize the boundaries of objects and therefore edges are useful for the process of segmentation and identification in the image. The purpose of edge detection is to increase the appearance of the boundary line of the object in the image. The sobel method is a method that uses two kernels measuring 3x3 pixels for gradient calculations so that the estimate gradient is right in the middle of the window. Digital image processing aims to manipulate image data and analyze an image with the help of a computer. Matlab is made to facilitate the use of two collections of subroutines in the fortran library, linpack and eispack, in handling matrix computing, and develops into an interactive system as a programming language. Experimental results from the input image research, namely the flower image have different MSE values because each input image has a different pixel value

Keyword: Edge detection, Sobel method, Matlab R2010a, Flower image segmentation


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