Analysis of Facial Image Extraction on Facial Recognition using Kohonen SOM for UNPRI SIAKAD Online User Authentication

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Reyhan Achmad Rizal Christnatalis HS
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Reyhan Achmad Rizal |

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Reyhan Achmad Rizal, Christnatalis HS


Academic Information System (Sistem Informasi Akademik aka SIAKAD) Online of Universitas Prima Indonesia (UNPRI) is one of the applications used to facilitate the administration process of lectures which includes the filling process of study plan cards (Kartu Rencana Studi aka KRS), study result cards (Kartu Hasil Studi aka KHS), class schedules, submission of research titles, seminars, and other processes. SIAKAD UNPRI can be accessed by students, lecturers, and academics where every user has a password that has been encrypted to maintain the security of information from people who are not responsible, password security using the encryption method needs to be changed regularly, but there are still many students, lecturers and academic community who are reluctant to change passwords. To improve the security verification stage for SIAKAD users, we propose a face recognition feature approach. Face recognition is a feature that allows the identification of someone from a digital image or video. The way the facial recognition method works is by comparing face data from the camera or images with images that were previously stored in a database. In this study, the Kohonen SOM method is proposed for face identification based on the feature extraction approach of discrete cosine transform (DCT), linear discriminant analysis (LDA) and principal component analysis (PCA) to improve the security of UNPRI SIAKAD users. The analytical framework is done by requiring students to do face taking, where each student will save 5 (five) faces extracted with facial features using the DCT, LDA and PCA model approach, feature extraction results are used as input to the Kohonen SOM network for training and testing facial recognition, then analysis of the effect of DCT, LDA and PCA feature extraction on the Kohonen network on facial recognition accuracy.

Keyword: Facial Recognition, Kohonen SOM, discrete cosine transform (DCT), linear discriminant analysis (LDA), principal component analysis (PCA)


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