Design and Build Mini Digital Scale using Internet of Things


  • Bayu Yasa Wedha Pradita University
  • Alessandro Benito Putra Bayu Wedha Bina Nusantara (BINUS ASO), Indonesia
  • Haryono Haryono Magister Teknologi Informasi Universitas Pradita, Indonesia




Weight measurement system, Hx711 module, LCD, NodeMCU ESP8266, Microcontroller


The weight measurement system is carried out manually using a manual scale. The existing weighing system is still considered inefficient because it takes a long time if it is done repeatedly and there are too many errors in its measurement. To overcome this, an electronic weighing device was designed using the NodeMCU ESP 8266 microcontroller as a controller and a load cell as a sensor. This journal presents the development of electronic weighing indicators for digital measurements. The purpose of this system is to read the measured weight in conventional analog form to digital form, achieving high precision in measurement and calibration. The components used in this research are Load Cell, Load Cell Hx711 amplifier, NodeMCU ESP 8266 microcontroller, and LCD module. In this study, a 4 kg load cell was used. The load cell sends the output signal of the measured mechanical weight to the Hx711 module which amplifies and sends the output to the NodeMCU microcontroller. The microcontroller calibrates the output signal with the help of the load cell amplifier module before sending the converted signal to digital form to the LCD module for display. The developed system has proven that digital electronic weighing systems can be low cost, miniature, discrete, and can take accurate readings without errors

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Wedha, B. Y., Wedha, A. B. P. B. ., & Haryono, H. (2022). Design and Build Mini Digital Scale using Internet of Things. Sinkron : Jurnal Dan Penelitian Teknik Informatika, 7(2), 405-412.

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