Api Service Infrastructure Using Kubernetes And Terraform Based On Microservices Ngoorder.Id


  • Azwar Riza Habibi Institut teknologi dan bisnis asia malang




Infrastruktur, Api Service, API Gateway, Microservice, Ngorder


The growing number of ngorder.id service users causes traffic to Api Ngorder to be higher, so a new infrastructure is needed in order to maintain Api Ngorder uptime during high traffic and also maintain service stability. In the implementation process, Api scripts that are currently running on a monolith cluster will be divided into several categories and will be split into several kubernetes clusters. To support autoscale, a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler was added, and to route traffic it would use the Api Gateway from Amazon Web Service. In this infrastructure test, it is done by testing the logic script function using Katalon Studio and testing at the infrastructure level by doing a crash test in the form of failing to deploy and terminating the pod, as well as performing a stress test to test autoscaling in the cluster, the entire test can be run by performing a stress test on the php service pods. by setting the autoscaler parameter Memory Utilization Percentage 125%, 150% and 250%, proving that the HorizontalPodAutoscaler (HPA) as an autoscaler handler can function according to the targets and parameters that have been determined.

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