Proposed Enterprise Architecture on System Fleet Management: PT. Integrasia Utama


  • Alessandro Benito Putra Bayu Wedha Bina Nusantara (BINUS ASO), Indonesia
  • Ben Rahman Fakultas Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informatika, Universitas Nasional, Indonesia
  • Djarot Hindarto Fakultas Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informatika, Universitas Nasional, Indonesia
  • Bayu Yasa Wedha Fakultas Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informatika, Universitas Nasional, Indonesia




Enterprise Architecture, Fleet Management Services, Service Delivery, Vehicle Tracking, Driver performance monitoring


An information technology consulting firm that specializes in Global Positioning Systems provides fleet management services for many of its clients. The systems currently used by companies require more advanced modernization to ensure optimal service delivery. To overcome this challenge, a proposed enterprise architecture on system fleet management is presented in this paper. The proposed enterprise architecture is a comprehensive solution that includes the necessary hardware, software and operational processes to improve fleet management services. The proposed architecture is based on the Enterprise Architecture, which enables the integration of various systems and applications used by companies. The proposed architecture includes modules for vehicle tracking, fuel management, maintenance scheduling and driver performance monitoring. These modules work together to provide real-time data on fleet operations, enabling companies to make informed decisions regarding their fleet management services. The proposed architecture also incorporates an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the fleet management process and enhances customer satisfaction. The proposed system is scalable and easily adaptable to meet service requirements across multiple customers. In conclusion, the proposed enterprise architecture for system fleet management provides a comprehensive solution to the current challenges faced by companies as a corporate fleet service provider. The proposed architecture will improve service, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

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