Search Optimization of PIP Scholarship Recipients In Web-Based Student Data Application Using The Levenshtein Distance Algorithm





keyword correction, levenshtein distance, rup, scholarship, pip


Realizing that education is very important, the government supports every citizen to get education. One of the government programs is the Smart Indonesia Program. PlP is a scholarship designed to help school-age children from poor/vulnerable families to continue to receive education services, both through formal elementary to high school/vocational schools and non-formal pathways from package a to package c and special education. SDN II Babakanloa has not been touched by technology for processing student data. So that the student section has difficulties in recording and updating student data. Student names have unique identities and errors often occur in typing the keywords to be searched. This results in an information that is desired or sought can not be found. Therefore we need a web-based data application that can provide keyword corrections in searching for student names. This study aims to create a web-based student data application by optimizing corrections to typing keywords searched by implementing the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm and also making it easier to process and search student data. The development method used is the Rational Unified Process (RUP) with the stages of Inception, Elaboration, Construction, and Transition. Designed using the CodeIgniter Framework with the PHP and JavaScript programming languages. The application of the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm can optimize the search for student data and reduce the occurrence of search errors by School Operators. The application of the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm produces a very good accuracy rate of 94% of the results of student data correction. accordance with the expectations of the School Operator. So it shows that the application of the Levenshtein Distance Algorithm is appropriate to use in optimizing the search.

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