Digital Transformation in University: Enterprise Architecture and Blockchain Technology


  • Iswahyudi Pradita University, Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Djarot Hindarto Informatics Study Program, Faculty of Communication and Informatics Technology, Universitas Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • R. Eko Indrajit Pradita University, Tangerang, Indonesia




Architectural Framework;, Blockchain Technology;, Digital Transformation;, Enterprise Architecture;, University


Implementing digital transformation in higher education is now required for effective adaptation to rapid technological advances. Utilizing Enterprise Architecture (EA) with blockchain technology is a recommended strategic approach for implementing digital transformation. The college first ascertains the University's digital transformation requirements and goals, which include data management, security, operational efficiency, and transparency. In addition, formulating a strategic plan to determine the optimal integration of blockchain technology within the college's architectural framework, including the judicious selection of the most suitable blockchain platform, is essential. In addition, developing a company's architecture must prioritize seamless integration with existing systems while upholding data security and consistency principles. Consideration should be given to the significance of training and awareness building among faculty and students. In addition, the implementation process must be conducted in phases with consistent monitoring and evaluation. The success of this project is contingent upon the formation of partnerships and collaborations with blockchain technology companies, as well as a thorough understanding of the applicable regulatory framework. By adopting this methodology, the University can increase operational efficiency, bolster data security measures, and improve the educational experience. This research aims to increase efficiency, data security, transparency, and educational innovation in universities using Blockchain Technology and University Enterprise Architecture.

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