Embarking on Comprehensive Exploration of Classification System of Fruits and Vegetables


  • Bayu Yasa Wedha Prodi Informatika, Fakultas Teknologi Komunikasi dan Informatika, Universitas Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Michael Sagar Vasandani University of California San Diego, California, United State of America
  • Alessandro Enriqco Putra Bayu Wedha Prodi Informatika, Universitas Pradita, Tangerang, Indonesia




Accuracy, Classification, MobileNetV2, Fruits and vegetables, Natural resource


This research thoroughly investigates the fruit and vegetable classification system, emphasizing exhaustive investigation. This research aims to comprehend, analyze, and document numerous facets of this classification with MobileNetV2. This investigation included a comprehensive literature review, field investigation, and review of relevant scientific documents. In this investigation, we divide the classification of fruits and vegetables into various levels, ranging from the most general, such as kingdom and division, to the most specific, such as order and family. We also investigate the central role of taxonomy in comprehending the evolutionary and phylogenetic relationships between various categories of fruits and vegetables. This research enables us to identify and understand the taxonomic relationships between multiple varieties of fruits and vegetables and classify them into the appropriate botanical families. In addition, we investigate the global diversity of fruit and vegetable varieties, emphasizing the significance of conservation and genetic management to preserve the diversity of these precious commodities. In their efforts to comprehend, manage, and maintain the genetic variety of fruits and vegetables, this research provides researchers, botanists, and producers valuable insights. The findings of this study indicate that investigating fruit and vegetable classification systems is a crucial step in comprehending and conserving this irreplaceable natural resource, which provides direct benefits to humans in the context of global biodiversity conservation. MobileNetV2 research results accuracy epochs(5) = 94.84%, epochs(10) = 98.35%, epochs(15) = 98.69%.

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