Imperceptible and Robust Encryption: Salsa20 Stream Cipher for Colour Image Data


  • Aldi Azmi Arfian University of Dian Nuswantoro
  • Christy Atika Sari University of Dian Nuswantoro
  • Eko Hari Rachmawanto University of Dian Nuswantoro
  • Folasade Olubusola Isinkaye Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria




Data security, Stream cipher, Salsa20, Encryption, Hash function


Data security has become crucial, especially in today's era, therefore we need to protect our personal data to avoid unwanted incidents. The primary objective of this research is to empirically demonstrate the viability of our proposed methodology for encrypting color images using the Salsa20 algorithm, renowned for its stream cipher characteristics, which inherently afford it a swift processing speed. The encryption method we use is to take each pixel from the original image and convert it into bytes based on the RGB value in it, then encrypt it using a keyword that has been converted using a hash function. In this study, we carried out several evaluations to evaluate the performance of the encrypted and decrypted images to test the method we propose, including histogram analysis and compare patterns, visual image testing, and key space analysis. Through this experiment, it has been proven that Salsa20 is effective in maintaining confidentiality and image integrity. Histogram analysis reveals differences in pixel distribution patterns between the original and encrypted images. Visual testing shows that the encrypted image maintains good optical quality. Keyspace analysis ensures the security of encryption keys. The performance evaluation resulted in an NPCR above 99%, UACI had been reached 69.28%, MSE was closes to 0, and the highest PSNR was around 61.89dB, this shows that encrypted images recovered with high accuracy.

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Author Biographies

Christy Atika Sari, University of Dian Nuswantoro

She received the master in Informatic Engineering from Dian Nuswantoro University and University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) in 2012. She is currently active as author in international journal and confrence scopus indexed. She also awarded as best author and best paper in national and intenational confrence in 2019 and 2020 respectively and awarded from Ristekbrin DIKTI as the indonesian top 50 best researchers in 2020. She currently as lecturer in intelligent systems and and continue to develop the research field image processing and data hiding. She can be contacted at email:

Scopus Author ID: 57193848115 SciProfiles: 3076319

Eko Hari Rachmawanto, University of Dian Nuswantoro

Folasade Olubusola Isinkaye, Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria

Lecturer/Dr. (Computer Science) in Ekiti State University.
Scopus Author ID: 55135963100


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