Chatbot Design for Interview Questions Using Neural Network Models on the CarTech Website


  • Diko Pradana Sihotang Universitas Labuhanbatu, Indonesia
  • Syaiful Zuhri Harahap Universitas Labuhanbatu, Indonesia
  • Irmayanti Universitas Labuhanbatu, Indonesia




Keywords: AI; CharTech; Chatbot; Google Colab; Neural Network


Abstract: This research focuses on analyzing interview questions using a neural network model, implemented on the CarTech website. With the main aim of optimizing the interaction between users and the system through the questions asked, this research takes an innovative step by utilizing Google Collab as a development platform. For this research, several paragraphs were carried out, namely problem scoping, data acquisition, data exploration, modeling, evaluation, and deployment. These stages were carried out so that this research could get good results, plus the integration between Google Collab and chatbot which made it possible for this research to get good results. Google Collab makes it easy to use neural network models and integrate with chatbots, enabling efficient and effective testing and deployment of models. The results of this study are quite impressive, with an accuracy of 92%, demonstrating the model's ability to process and understand interview questions with high precision. The aim of this research is not only to explore the potential of neural network models in automatically understanding questions and providing accurate responses, but also to show how this technology can be integrated into web applications to improve the quality of user interactions, making AI-based chatbots a viable solution and effective in improving user experience on the CarTech website. In conclusion, by utilizing AI you will also get good results. As in this research, AI can help analyze interview questions with neural network models.

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Sihotang, D. P. ., Harahap, S. Z. ., & Irmayanti, I. (2024). Chatbot Design for Interview Questions Using Neural Network Models on the CarTech Website. Sinkron : Jurnal Dan Penelitian Teknik Informatika, 8(2), 1029-1037.

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