Prediction of Stunting in Toddlers Combining the Naive Bayes Method and the C4.5 Algorithm


  • Sri Melyani Universitas Labuhanbatu
  • Syaiful Zuhri Harahap Universitas Labuhanbatu
  • Irmayanti Universitas Labuhanbatu




C4.5 Algorithm; Classification; Data Mining; Metode Decision Tree; Metode Naïve Bayes


Research conducted to predict the incidence of stunting in toddlers, using data mining methods such as Naive Bayes and the C4.5 algorithm has been applied to analyze health data. The main aim of this research is to develop a predictive model that can identify toddlers who are at high risk of stunting, based on variables that have been collected from medical records and health surveys. The use of the Naive Bayes and C4.5 methods in this research aims to compare the effectiveness of the two methods in dealing with complex and unbalanced classification problems. This research involves a series of crucial stages starting from data selection, data pre-processing, data mining model design, data mining model testing, to method evaluation. In this study, the sample used consisted of 200 toddlers, of which 159 were diagnosed as having stunting and 41 others were not. The classification results show significant effectiveness in both methods used. The accuracy results of both methods are very encouraging, with both methods showing success rates of more than 90%. This shows that both Naive Bayes and C4.5 are very effective in identifying patterns related to the risk of stunting among toddlers. These highly accurate results not only demonstrate the power of data mining techniques in the field of public health but also provide insights that health practitioners can use to intervene earlier in at-risk populations.

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