Prediction of Student Graduation Rates using the Artificial Neural Network Backpropagation Method


  • Yayuk Ariani Universitas Labuhanbatu
  • Masrizal Universitas Labuhan Batu
  • Rahma Muti’ah Universitas Labuhanbatu




Accuracy; Backpropagation Neural Network Method; Data Mining; Graduation level; Precision; Recall


This student graduation rate research focuses on analyzing academic performance with the main aim of identifying and distinguishing between students who graduate on time and those who graduate late. The application of data mining techniques in this research uses the neural network method, which is expected to offer deeper insight into the factors that influence students' graduation times. In this study, the neural network method was used to classify graduation data from 150 students. The results of this analysis were very encouraging, with 149 students identified as graduating on time and one student graduating late. The level of accuracy achieved in this classification is 98%, which shows the effectiveness of the neural network method in processing and analyzing academic data. These results confirm that neural networks are a powerful and reliable tool for predictive tasks like this. The successful use of neural networks in this study also proves their potential in broader educational applications, particularly in optimizing educational and intervention strategies. By understanding the characteristics of students who graduate on time versus those who graduate late, educators and administrators can design more effective programs to support student success. This is important not only to improve graduation statistics, but also to improve the overall educational experience for students.

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Ariani, Y., Masrizal, M., & Muti’ah, R. (2024). Prediction of Student Graduation Rates using the Artificial Neural Network Backpropagation Method. Sinkron : Jurnal Dan Penelitian Teknik Informatika, 8(2), 1169-1177.

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