Implementation Transfer Learning on Convolutional Neural Network for Tubercolosis Classification


  • Adya Zizwan Putra Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Reynaldi Prayugo Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Rizki Mudrika Alfanda Siregar Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Rizky Syabani Universitas Prima Indonesia
  • Allwin Simarmata Universitas Prima Indonesia




Tuberculosis, Classification, CNN; Tranfer Learning, Deep Learning


Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that can have serious effects on the lungs and is among the top 10 causes of death worldwide. This disease is caused by the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria through the air when coughing or sneezing. Without treatment, pulmonary tuberculosis can result in permanent lung damage and can be life-threatening. Accurate and early diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment and control of the disease.The challenge lies in the accurate classification of tuberculosis from lung images, which is essential for timely diagnosis and treatment. Traditional diagnostic methods can be time-consuming and sometimes lack precision. To address this issue, this research aims to achieve high accuracy in classifying tuberculosis using the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithm through transfer learning methods. By utilizing visual images of tuberculosis-affected and normal lungs, we propose a solution that leverages advanced deep learning techniques to enhance diagnostic accuracy. This approach not only expedites the diagnostic process but also improves the reliability of tuberculosis detection, ultimately contributing to better patient outcomes and more effective disease management. The dataset applied consists of two labels: tuberculosis and normal. This dataset contains 4200 lung images of individuals with tuberculosis and normal lungs. By applying the transfer learning method, Transfer learning is a machine learning method where a pre-trained model is used as the starting point for a new, related task. it was found that the ResNet50 model achieved the highest accuracy at 99%, followed by InceptionV3 at 97%, and lastly, DenseNet121 at 91%.

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Putra, A. Z. ., Prayugo, R., Siregar, R. M. A., Syabani, R. ., & Simarmata, A. (2024). Implementation Transfer Learning on Convolutional Neural Network for Tubercolosis Classification. Sinkron : Jurnal Dan Penelitian Teknik Informatika, 8(3), 1515-1525.

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