Analisis Sistem Informasi dan Pelaporan Kecelakaan Lalu Lintas Berbasis Mobile GIS dan GPS

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Mokhamad Ramdhani Raharjo Ihda Innar Ridho Nur Alamsyah
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Mokhamad Ramdhani Raharjo |

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Mokhamad Ramdhani Raharjo, Ihda Innar Ridho, Nur Alamsyah


The increasing number of motorized vehicle ownership in various regions in Indonesia makes the congestion level quite high. In addition to the high level of congestion, new problems, namely, the level of motor vehicle accidents also increased. These problems must be resolved sooner or later, aside from the infrastructure facilities for road users, their quality must be improved and the level of public awareness of the traffic regulations requires a system that can help road users to obtain information and report on traffic accidents and systems that can monitor and analyze traffic accidents. from the authorities for follow-up. This system utilizes the technology of smartphones in the form of GPS that are already in it and the world map provider service from Google company, Google Maps, to detect the location of road users when reporting traffic accidents. This system also helps provide information on locations that are vulnerable to traffic accidents. The reporting data is processed from the central system to be processed, analyzed, validated and inputted based on the chronology of accident information provided with other information in accordance with the classification of accident data to serve as the latest accident data information and can be accessed again by other road users from the Smartphone system as a source of information new so that it helps road users to be more careful in driving and reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents in the future.

Keyword: Monitoring, Accident, Mobile GIS, GPS, Google Maps, Smartphone


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