To ensure the integrity of peer-reviewed blinds to be submitted to the conference, every effort must be made to prevent the identity of the Author and Reviewer from getting to know each other. This involves authors, directors, and reviewers (who upload documents as part of their review) checking whether the following steps have been made in connection with the text :

  1. The author's name has been deleted from the text, with "Author" and the year used in the reference and footnotes, not the author's name, article title, etc.

  2. Microsoft Office documents, author Identity must also be deleted from the file properties (see under File in Word), by clicking the following, File on the Microsoft application's main menu: File> Save As> Tools or (Options on Mac)> Security> Delete personal information from the file property on saving> Save

  3. PDF file, the author's name must also be removed from Document Properties which is located under the main menu File on Adobe Acrobat

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